At St Joseph’s Gloucester, there are twelve members of staff comprising both teaching and support staff.

Our staff includes a teaching Principal, a Religious Education Coordinator, Learning Support Teacher, Teacher Librarian, Classroom Teachers, Learning Support Assistant, Pastoral Care Worker, Aboriginal Education Worker, Cleaner, Clerical Assistant, Library Assistant and School Counsellor.

A Special Education Adviser and a Registered Psychologist are available to assist the school in assessing and addressing individual student’s learning needs as required.

The School Executive comprises the Principal and the Religious Education Coordinator.      


Mrs Amy Maslen

Religious Education Coordinator

Mr Adam McCann

Kindergarten/Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Kylie Clare

Year 2/3 /4 Teacher

Mr Adam McCann

Year 5/6 Teachers

Kate Jordan

Executive Release Teacher

Mr Michael Gleeson 

Literacy/Numeracy Action Plan Teachers

Mrs Kylie Clare

Teacher Librarian

 Mr Michael Gleeson 

Learning Support Teacher

Mrs Amy Maslen

Library Assistant

Mrs Jennifer Shultz

Pastoral Care Worker

Mrs Jenny Jensen

Aboriginal Education Worker/Learning Support Officer

Mrs Kelly Middlebrook


Mrs Lisa Moore


Ms Melissa Mitchell

School Counsellor

Mrs Alison Perry