The Mathematics K-10 Syllabus provides students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in mathematics and working mathematically. Students have the opportunity to develop increasingly sophisticated and refined mathematical understanding, fluency, communication, reasoning, analytical thought and problem-solving skills. These capabilities enable students to respond to familiar and unfamiliar situations by employing strategies to make informed decisions and solve problems relevant to their present and future needs.

At St Joseph’s Gloucester, students participate in a one hour Mathematics lesson each day. The school has developed a Scope and Sequence that covers all strands of the Mathematics syllabus. Children who display talent in Mathematics have the opportunity to visit St Clare’s High School in Taree to work with specialist Mathematics teachers. All students K-6 have access to a Mathletics account paid for by the school and accessible from home. 2018 NAPLAN results indicate all children are at or above National Minimum Standard in Numeracy.

student on her laptop